LSCE1530 Survey Fundamentals

Course Description

Students study surveying with practical applications in horizontal distance, angle and vertical measurement, introduction to total station/data collection, traverse angle and distance measurement methods. Students will begin using coordinate geometry. This course includes extensive fieldwork.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Perform distance measurements related to plane surveying and apply appropriate corrections.
  • Perform angle measurements and apply appropriate corrections.
  • Perform vertical distance measurements and apply appropriate corrections.
  • Apply mathematical computations to deal with measurement uncertainties.
  • Operate leveling instrument and transfer elevations.
  • Demonstrate respectful communication and proper interaction when working in a group environment.
  • Identify Minnesota tree types for surveying or civil engineering applications.
  • Create survey field notes to industry standards.


Please see eServices for section availability and current pre-req/test score requirements for this course.

5 credits: 1 lecture / presentation, 4 lab, 0 other