TRAN1520 Workplace Perceptions and Expectations

Course Description

This course introduces students to the different types of certifications and technician levels needed for advancement in the transportation industry. Students will receive instruction in job exploration, job application forms, resume writing and interview skills. Student will understand the importance of soft skills such as communication, work performance, and workplace ethics.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate professionally with coworkers, employers, and customers.
  • Generate written materials used to aid in securing a job, e.g. employment applications, resumes, etc.
  • Demonstrate interview skills.
  • Analyze various benefit and payment methods offered to employees.
  • Know the kinds of costs associated with operating an automotive business.
  • Compare and contrast the impact on both businesses and employees between union and non-union labor practices in the workplace.
  • Identify types of industry certifications, levels of certification and growth opportunities in the transportation field.
  • Discuss industry associations, national conferences, and training opportunities for transportation technicians.
  • Develop professional ethical practices and responsibilities.


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2 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other