GEOG1300 World Regional Geography

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Goals 5 & 8 - History/Social, Behavioral Sciences & Global Perspectives. A survey of the physical, cultural, economic and political features of the world's geographic regions. Identification of world's countries and major cities.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • acquire an increased awareness and knowledge of the interconnectivity of the world
  • gain background for analyzing and comparing cultural elements
  • acquire geographic information from maps, globes, charts and other graphic material
  • increase spatial analysis skills from the use of maps, globes, charts and other graphic material
  • understand key concepts, generalizations and methods of inquiry appropriate to the study of geography
  • distinguish worldwide spatial distributions of landforms, climate, natural resources, demographic, cultural, economic and political attributes
  • understand the relationships between human characteristics and locations
  • be familiar with the locations of countries, major cities, landforms, climate types and cultures


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other