ENGL1100 Writing for the Workplace

Course Description

This is a writing intensive course which builds essential written communication skills for the workplace. Through extensive practice, students will develop writing skills necessary for success in professional and academic environments. Students will apply professional English usage to a variety of written communications, such as memos, letters, applications, documentation, proposals, and reports. This course will also prepare them for today's complex workplace by focusing on appropriate tone and style for a diverse audience.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.
  • Apply professionalism in all workplace communication.
  • Analyze written material for purpose, organization, tone and point of view.
  • Employ diverse forms of workplace correspondence.
  • Identify audience needs and expectations.
  • Write clearly and coherently.
  • Practice the writing process by producing a variety of communications.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to writing, and communication issues.


Please see eServices for section availability and current pre-req/test score requirements for this course.

3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other