Dental Hygiene AAS (80 Credits)

Career Opportunities

Licensed dental hygienists can work in many different settings: clinical dental offices, nursing homes, public health agencies, dental and pharmaceutical companies, teaching in dental hygiene education programs and doing dental research.

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Technical Studies Prerequisites:
Human Anatomy/Physiology I (w/lab) 3 Credits
Human Anatomy/Physiology II (w/lab) 3 Credits
Microbiology (w/lab) 3 Credits
Introduction to General Chemistry (w/lab) 3 Credits
MNTC Goal Area 1 Communications Oral 3 Credits
MNTC Goal Area 1 Communications Written 3 Credits
MNTC Goal Area 5 Psychology 3 Credits
MNTC Goal Area 5 Sociology 3 Credits
PHIL1320 Ethics 3 Credits
*Dental Hygiene applicants: Students being considered for admission into the SCTCC Dental Hygiene program will be limited to retaking classes: a maximum of 1 retake for a science prerequisite course and a maximum of 1 retake for a required general education course.
Suggested Technical Studies Semester I
DEHY1400 Dental Hygiene Seminar I 2 Credits
DEHY1414 Nutrition and Dental Hygiene 2 Credits
DEHY1418 Introduction to Radiology 2 Credits
DEHY1424 Head, Neck and Dental Anatomy 3 Credits
DEHY1428 General & Oral Pathology 3 Credits
DEHY1480 Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene I 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester II
DEHY1402 Dental Hygiene Seminar II 2 Credits
DEHY1410 Introduction to Dental Materials and Methods 2 Credits
DEHY1422 Dental Pharmacology 2 Credits
DEHY1448 Dental Hygiene Radiology II 2 Credits
DEHY1460 Periodontics I 2 Credits
DEHY1485 Clinical Dental Hygiene II 4 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester III
DEHY1404 Clinical Seminar III 2 Credits
DEHY1421 Dental Hygiene Materials and Methods 1 Credits
DEHY1440 Community Dental Health I 2 Credits
DEHY1468 Pain Management 2 Credits
DEHY1486 Clinical Dental Hygiene III 6 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester IV
DEHY1406 Clinical Seminar IV 2 Credits
DEHY1445 Community Dental Health II 1 Credits
DEHY1464 Periodontics II 1 Credits
DEHY1488 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV 6 Credits
DEHY1490 Dental Hygiene Licensure and Jurisprudence 1 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $8045

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.