Engineering Broad Field AS (60 Credits)

Engineering Speciality Requirements
ENGR1500 Introduction to Engineering (REQUIRED) 2 Credits
Choose a minimum of 4 courses and 12 credits:
ENGR2500 Statics 3 Credits
ENGR2505 Dynamics 3 Credits
ENGR2510 Engineering Thermodynamics 3 Credits
ENGR2515 Linear Circuit Analysis I 4 Credits
ENGR2520 Deformable Body Mechanics 3 Credits
Technical Electives
Select one or more courses to reach the required total of 60 credits
CADD1512 Inventor Foundations 3 Credits
CADD1520 SolidWorks Foundations 3 Credits
CADD2529 Manufacturing Systems 2 Credits
LSCE1514 Civil CADD I 3 Credits
TECH1550 Basic CADD 2 Credits
General Education
ENGL1302 Analytical Writing 4 Credits
CHEM1350 Introduction to General Chemistry 4 Credits
MATH2311 Calculus I 5 Credits
MATH2321 Calculus II 5 Credits
MATH2330 Calculus III; Multivariable Calculus 5 Credits
MATH2350 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra 4 Credits
PHYS2310 Engineering Physics I 5 Credits
PHYS2320 Engineering Physics II 5 Credits
Select two courses that satisfy goals 5 and 6. One of these courses must also satisfy at least one of goals 7, 8, 9, or 10. Consult with advisor for course selection.
MNTC Goal Area 5 - Social, Behavioral Sciences, and History 3 Credits
MNTC Goal Area 6 - Humanities 3 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $1800

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.