Adv Farm Business Management Certificate (30 Credits)

Year 1
FBMT2930 Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt. as it relates to Risk Mgmt. 3 Credits
FBMT2931 Applied Financial Management as it Relates to Risk Managemen 3 Credits
FBMT2950 Directed Study - Decision Making 2 Credits
FBMT2951 Directed Study - Communications 2 Credits
Year 2
FBMT2932 Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt/Strategic Planning Emphasis 3 Credits
FBMT2933 Applied Financial Mgmt./Strategic Planning Emphasis 3 Credits
FBMT2952 Directed Studies in Modern Agricultural Technology 2 Credits
FBMT2953 Directed Studies in Farm Business and/or Family Transition 2 Credits
Year 3
FBMT2934 Fundamental of Financial Management/Business Plan Emphasis 3 Credits
FBMT2935 Applications of Financial Management/Business Plans 3 Credits
FBMT2954 Directed Study - Personnel Management 2 Credits
FBMT2955 Directed Study - Enterprise Alternatives 2 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $60

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.