Farm Business Management Diploma (60 Credits)

Year 1
FBMT1211 Introduction to Farm Business Management 4 Credits
FBMT1112 Foundations for Farm Business Management 4 Credits
FBMT1213 Managing a Farm System in a Global Economy 2 Credits
Year 2
FBMT1121 Preparation for Farm Business Analysis 4 Credits
FBMT1122 Implementing the System Management Plan 4 Credits
FBMT1223 Using System Analysis in Total Farm Planning 2 Credits
Year 3
FBMT1131 Managing and Modifying Farm System Data 4 Credits
FBMT1132 Interpreting and Using Farm System Data 4 Credits
FBMT1233 Application of Productive Enterprise Information 2 Credits
Year 4
FBMT2141 Interpreting and Evaluation of Financial Data 4 Credits
FBMT2142 Interpreting Trends in Business Planning 4 Credits
FBMT2243 Using Financial Instruments in Farm System Management 2 Credits
Year 5
FBMT2151 Strategies in Farm System Data Management 4 Credits
FBMT2152 Integrating System Information for Financial Planning 4 Credits
FBMT2253 System Plans and Projections 2 Credits
Year 6
FBMT2161 Examination of the Context of Farm System Management 4 Credits
FBMT2162 Refining Farm System Management 4 Credits
FBMT2263 Evaluating Farm System Programs 2 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $60

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.