Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Diploma (63 Credits)

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, medium/heavy truck technicians may wish to specialize in one phase of the field, such as component rebuilding, transport refrigeration, or preventive maintenance.

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Suggested Technical Studies Semester I
MHTT1507 Mobile Hydraulics 3 Credits
MHTT1522 Truck Electrical Systems 2 Credits
MHTT1526 Truck and Trailer Preventative Maintenance 3 Credits
TRAN1503 General Service 3 Credits
TRAN1504 Electricity and Electronic Principles 3 Credits
TRAN1518 Transportation Hazardous Materials 1 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester II
MHTT1503 Diesel Engine Fundamentals 3 Credits
MHTT1508 Truck Computer Systems 2 Credits
MHTT1514 Truck Brake Systems 4 Credits
MHTT1518 Truck Steering/Suspension 3 Credits
TRAN1520 Workplace Perceptions and Expectations 2 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester III
MHTT1510 Truck Power Train 4 Credits
MHTT2514 Gas Engines and Alternative Fuel Systems 3 Credits
Choose the above course OR the below course
MHTT1530 Welding 3 Credits
MHTT2502 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Repair Procedures 4 Credits
MHTT2518 Automatic and Automated Manual Transmissions 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester IV
MHTT2506 Fuel System Management and Emission Controls 4 Credits
MHTT2522 Advanced Chassis Electrical Systems 3 Credits
MHTT2531 Truck Heating and AC Systems 3 Credits
MHTT2546 Truck Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting 4 Credits
General Education/Studies
ENGL1308 Stretch Analytical Writing I 3 Credits
General Education / Studies Elective 3 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $6380

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.