Environmental Science - Faculty

Khaldoun Ahmad
Environmental Science Instructor

(320) 308-6491

Khaldoun Ahmad, Environmental Science Instructor I am an interdisciplinary environmental scientist with a strong background in isotope
geochemistry research in the cutting edge field of environmental biogeochemistry and climate change. I have been teaching since 2011. I joined SCTCC in Fall-2018 as Environmental Science Instructor. Before I joined SCTCC, I was an adviser of Environmental Science Program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for five years. I taught wide range of courses in environmental science and geosciences.


University of Missouri-Kansas City (2013), Ph.D. Geosciences and Chemistry
Dissertation: Biogeochemistry and Inorganic Geochemistry as Indicators of
Paleoenvironment and Paleohydrology of the Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan

University of Missouri-Kansas City (2010), M.S. Urban Environmental Geosciences
Thesis: Organic Geochemistry of Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan: An Interpretation of
Paleoenvironment and Paleoclimate Using Bulk Organic Matter
UMKC Thesis of the Year Nomination 2010

University of Baghdad (2000), B.S. Geology

Research Interests:

Biogeochemistry, Paleoenvironment, Paleoclimate, Paleohydrology, Environmental Chemistry

My principle research interests understand past and present of biogeochemical cycles. I use chemical and isotope records to study past and present of biogeochemical cycles. This type of research spans a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. The main goal of this type of research is to understand the operation of the Earth System and how that human activities affect global changes such as climate change. I use applications of biogeochemistry to understand changes and identify issues in the ecosystem. Additionally, I am interested in how human activates and land use impact water quality.


-Ahmad, K., and Husein, S., Al-Obaidi, M, 2018 Paleoceanographic Reconstruction of Upper Cretaceous, Black Shale Succession, Northeastern Iraq Using Geochemical Proxies to Indicate Paleoredox and Paleoenvironment Conditions. Diyala Journal For Pure Science, Vol. 14, p. 237-264.

-Ahmad, K. and Davies, C. 2018. A model of basin evolution in the Qa' Al-Azraq, Jordan using sulfur isotope analysis to distinguish sources of sulfur and gypsum. Carbonates and Evaporates Journal, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp 535546.

-Ahmad, K. and Davies, C. 2017, Stable isotope (δ13C and δ15N) based interpretation of organic matter source and paleoenvironmental conditions in Al -Azraq basin, Jordan. Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 78, 49-60.

-Andrew C. Elmore, Mary R. Reidmeyer, Kenneth D. Drake, and Khaldoun I. Ahmad, 2016, Characterization of the relationship between ceramic pot filter water production and turbidity in source water. Water Research, Vol. 104, p. 28-33.

Spring 2021 Courses:
Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Issues, Environmental Science, Internship in Environmental Science

Summer 2021 Courses:
Environmental Issues, Environmental Science