Evening Classes at SCTCC

Get your degree on your time.

Life is busy.  With evening and online classes, you can keep your day job and finish your degree.

At SCTCC, evening classes are the easy choice.

  1. Classes start at 4 p.m. or later.
  2. Several are hybrid classes, meaning you take some classes in person and some online.
  3. Classes are either one or two days a week.
  4. A Liberal Arts/AA degree transfers easily to any Minnesota State university.
  5. You can get your AA degree or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum completely in the evening, giving you the flexibility you need. Combine evening courses with online courses or go completely online to give yourself greater flexibility.

Evening and online classes give you the flexibility to balance your work, life, and education.  

Spring 2020 Evening Classes (sample list)

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