Relationships over Politics : Connecting with Friends and Family - Living Room Conversations

Living room conversations
Tuesday March 16, 2021
4:30pm - 6:00pm

Facilitators: Lamesha Brown, Debra Leigh 

Is it possible to use Living Room Conversations with our families and close friends? It is ultimately challenging, because family are more likely to break ‘host and guest’ social norms. The emotional stakes are higher, conversations are colored by long, deeply personal histories and it can feel easier to ‘take the gloves off’ and fight dirty, unconstrained by the politeness usually offered acquaintances. How might we hold the tension of our differences while working to repair connection and not further deepen division within our circle of family and friends? 

All sorts of people tell us they want to use the skills they practice in Living Room Conversations to help restore connection with friends and family.  So, let’s use a Living Room Conversation to talk about just that!  This Living Room Conversation will help us listen and learn about where we have different opinions, along with shared ideas about how to best navigate time with family & friends (who may not share our view of the world).

Living Room Conversations offers a simple, sociable, and structured way to practice communicating differences, while building understanding and relatioships. Typically for the session, 4 -7 people meet in person, or by video call for about 90 minutes. They listen to and are heard by others on one of the topics. Rathe than debating or convincing others, we take turns talking, sharing, learning, and encouraging. No preparation is required. Background links with balanced views are available on some topic pages onlines. Anyone is welcome to participate. As SCTCC students, we have an opportunity. Respect. Relate. Connect.

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