Info Session: Health Sciences

Thank you for your interest in St. Cloud Technical and Community College! Info Sessions are a great way to learn more about the admission process, program requirements, how to register for classes or any other questions you may have for us! We offer both in-person and virtual sessions for many of our programs.

If you are unable to attend an Info Session, the Admission staff are still available to speak with you via phone by calling 320-308-5089 or by virtual appointments (using ZOOM technology). To request a virtual appointment, please email us at and let us know a day and time that works for you. We will email you a meeting request for a specific date and time to discuss your questions. You will need internet access (either on computer or phone) to participate in a ZOOM appointment.

We look forward to speaking with you in person in the near future.

The Admissions Team

ProgramDate/TimeRoomSeats Available
ADN Mobility Program09/08/22 3:00 pmH14329
ADN Mobility Program10/13/22 3:00 pmH14335
ADN Mobility Program11/17/22 3:00 pmH14336
ADN Mobility Program12/08/22 3:00 pmH14336
Cardiovascular Technology09/14/22 1:30 pm1-30615
Cardiovascular Technology10/12/22 1:30 pm1-30615
Cardiovascular Technology11/16/22 1:30 pm1-30615
Cardiovascular Technology12/14/22 1:30 pm1-30615
Dental Assistant09/08/22 12:00 pmH125B30
Dental Assistant10/13/22 12:00 pmH125B30
Dental Assistant11/10/22 12:00 pmH125B30
Dental Assistant12/15/22 12:00 pmH125B30
Dental Hygienist09/12/22 11:00 amH125J29
Dental Hygienist10/17/22 11:00 amH125J29
Dental Hygienist11/14/22 11:00 amH125J30
Dental Hygienist12/05/22 11:00 amH125J30
Paramedicine09/29/22 3:30 pmH10624
Paramedicine10/27/22 3:30 pmH10625
Paramedicine11/17/22 3:30 pmH10625
Paramedicine12/08/22 3:30 pmH10625
Sonography08/31/22 3:00 pmH125J24
Sonography09/28/22 3:00 pmH125J30
Sonography10/26/22 3:00 pmH125J29
Sonography11/30/22 3:00 pmH125J30
Sonography12/14/22 3:00 pmH125J30
Surgical Technology09/13/22 2:00 pmH13223
Surgical Technology10/11/22 2:00 pmH13224
Surgical Technology11/15/22 2:00 pmH13224
Surgical Technology12/06/22 2:00 pmH13224