Meet Our Current Peer Mentors

Academic Peer Mentors serve as members of the Academic Advising Center team which aims to assist students throughout the academic semester by enhancing and promoting an overall positive college experience.


"I am a science minded student but my hobbies include painting, crafting, and watching Netflix. I love spending quality time with people and enjoying the outdoors. I hope to get into the sonography program at SCTCC but it that doesn't work out I will continue to take classes towards a bachelor degree in Biology. My big dream is to someday own a tiny house, a lot of plants, and maybe a chicken or two."


Zachary Schleif​Sonography

"My name is Zachary Schleif and the major that I’m pursuing is Sonography.  The career goals I have for my future are pretty simple, I plan on working as a Sonographer at a hospital to help people out. I have a lot of experience working with students. I was a tutor for middle schoolers struggling with math and band lessons. I was also involved in a group in high school that tried to prevent substance usage among high school students, so I got to work with students who wanted help kicking their habits and changing their lives for the better."