Money & Budgeting

Tips to get as financially fit as possible, even on a student’s budget.

  1. BUILD A BUDGET. Take some time to figure out your necessary expenditures each month, then build in room for savings, extras, and fun. Not sure how to do it? Try setting up and managing your budget with an app like MintWallyor BillGuard.
  2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF STUDENT DISCOUNTS. Often, students have access to discounts on travel and transportion, retail stores, restaurants, museums, and more. Always have your ID with you and don’t be afraid to ask if SCTCC students get a break.
  3. BE A STRATEGIC SHOPPER. Follow the deals on Groupon, Foursquare, and Amazon (e.g., used books or textbook rentals), and buy things when they’re discounted.
  4. BUILD GOOD CREDIT. Pay your credit card bills on time every month, and pay off the balance whenever possible—or at least aim to pay more than the minimum.
  5. PAY STUDENT DEBT. If you are able to save a little money each month, use part of your savings towards reducing your student debt.
  6. NEGOTIATE ALMOST EVERYTHING. Just because something has a price tag doesn’t mean the cost isn’t negotiable. Retail or customer service representatives often work on commission, so they want you to buy something.
  7. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. Whether you have questions about taxes or need to cash an emergency check, Financial Aid is here to help.