Department Spotlight: Mary Stangler Center for Academic Success

January 11, 2021

Department Name

Mary Stangler Center for Academic Success (CAS)

How can students find you or get a hold of you? or call 320-308-5920

Who can students expect to help them when they contact your department?

There are four different professional content coordinators that will work with students as well as a number of student tutors that can assist with student questions about their courses.

What does your department do to help students?

We provide academic assistance for students at SCTCC. We do this through tutoring and academic coaching. Tutoring is done online at this time and focuses on your questions in a one-on-one virtual environment. All sessions done virtually are done via Zoom and appointments are scheduled through our website (

What services does your department offer to students? 

Tutoring for SCTCC classes, assistance with the process of writing your paper from idea generation to editing, course reviews of your current courses, test preparation, D2L Brightspace training, and academic coaching which is the process of helping you work through the process of learning.

Do you have any signature events throughout the year that students should know about?

The CAS is usually busy year round both through our virtual environment and in our physical space. We partner with other groups on campus to run events such as speakers or presentations, but we do not have any signature events.

What are some frequently asked questions you get from students?

  • What are your hours? Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and Friday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm 
  • How do I make an appointment? Go to and click on the Online Tutoring button. From there, you choose a subject you want to work on, then choose a date and time and complete the rest of the form.  The tutor will contact you with a Zoom link for your tutoring session. 
  • Do you proofread papers?  Unfortunately, we do not. Proofreading is the very last step in the process of writing and is shown to have little impact in the ability to write a well formed paper. Our energy is spent on helping you to create a paper that is of your voice and represents your work and ability.

What is one tip you can give students related to your department?

As soon as you start to struggle, seek help. The earlier your start the process, the more likely you are to have success in your courses. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Kate Wallace
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