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January 14, 2022

By Caitlin Hickox

Join in the fun this Spring semester with the CTL’s new Professional Learning Team Contest! This contest pairs faculty in teams of 6 or 7 to support and encourage each other to become the best educators we can be. Through completing professional learning, faculty are able to earn Professional Growth Points (PGPs) for their team. The team with the most PGPs at the end of the Spring 2022 semester will receive an award (and major bragging rights!) The winner of the contest will be announced at a Faculty Appreciation event at the end of Spring 2022 Semester. The contest kicks off this week.  Check out the Team Contest Discussion boards to get started. Learn more about the Contest with the FAQ below! You may also be interested to watch this introduction video from Caitlin to see more about the contest.

How do I earn PGPs (professional growth points)?

By participating in CTL programming including attending events, watching CTL created video content, completing self-paced modules, and participating in discussions here on this discussion board, you will earn PGPs for your team. If you participate in Teaching-Focused Professional Learning that is outside the scope of the CTL (such as attending a conference or webinar, reading an article, or watching a video), share what you learned from that experience on your discussion board to earn PGPs!

Can more than one person from a team earn PGPs at the same time?

Yes! Anyone on your team who engages in teaching-related professional growth opportunities will earn PGPs for your team. So if your whole team decides to read and discuss a teaching book together, you will all earn PGPs for your team. If multiple people from a team attend a CTL event, each individual will bring home PGPs for the team! So encourage each other to engage in professional learning throughout this semester.

What about Professional Development that is focused on my area of expertise?

Many of us engage in professional learning that is related to our field of study, which is absolutely needed to stay current in our fields. The focus of this contest is Teaching and Learning, so only professional development that is focused on teaching/learning will be counted for PGPs. If your area of expertise was basket weaving and you attend a conference about basket weaving, that's great, but no PGPs will be awarded. On the other hand, if you attend a general conference about teaching, or a specific conference about teaching basket weaving, PGPs will be awarded.

How do I know who is on my team?

Go to the CTL D2L page and navigate to communication > discussions > Professional Learning Team Contest Group Discussion. By clicking into your discussion board, you will be able to see a welcome post from CTL Coordinator, Caitlin Hickcox. In this post, you will see a list of your team members so you can connect in whatever way you choose with your team. Communicating plans about professional learning as well as cheering each other on is highly encouraged!

I can't wait to get started! What can I do first?

One of the first (and easiest) ways to earn PGPs is to post a self-introduction on your group's discussion board. While you're at it, earn a PGP by coming up with a festive team name!

Once you have introduced yourself to your team, feel free to jump right into your professional learning opportunities! You can do this by setting aside time to attend one of the CTL scheduled events (event schedule posted here), browsing the resources listed in the content section of this D2L page, or checking out some of the latest info in the CTL Newsletter (sent out via email every month and also listed under Content>Newsletters). If you have a specific interest, but you're not sure where to find an opportunity to learn about it, please reach out to CTL@sctcc.edu.

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