Meet Sherri McGillivray

Sherri McGillivray
February 2, 2015

Resilience at core of her success

Sherri McGillivray is no stranger to changing seasons.

Just two weeks after her husband returned to work from a one-year layoff, she was ‘downsized.’

Sherri had worked for 20 years at the local paper mill, writing training manuals and adding chemicals to pulp to obtain maximum brightness. “I started to study graphic illustration right after high school while I worked at a paper company,” Sherri explains. “When my family relocated to St. Cloud, I considered going back to school but took a job at the mill here instead.”

Her layoff led her to St. Cloud Technical & Community College (SCTCC) to pursue the passion she had put on hold.

In January 2012, Sherri enrolled in the advertising program and joined the student-run ad agency, The Northway Group. She was able to build her skills with a range of clients, including Northstar Light Rail and The Rox baseball team. After graduating in May 2014, Sherri put her passions for website development, being creative, and meeting new people to work as an account manager for LiveEdit digital marketing in St. Cloud.

Sherri gratefully acknowledges that the financial support she received made her education possible. She says, “I wouldn’t have been able to afford to change my career path on my own.”

Sherri demonstrates the commitment, work ethic, and resilience that so many SCTCC students have. And, we’re proud that more than 80% of them choose to live and work within an hour of campus when they graduate. This is their home, and they are our future.

Support students just like Sherri by investing in scholarships and program development at SCTCC.

Kate Wallace