Local High School Students Found Guilty of DECA Arson

One student presenting to another student at the mall
February 21, 2020

By Jacob Bertram, Collegiate DECA Officer & Student Senate President

Over 400 High School students were found guilty by a unanimous vote from a panel of judges. The students were convicted of DECA Arson and they also fled the scene later that day. They were found heating things up at the Crossroads Mall during their competitions. The panel of judges were college students from SCTCC Sales Management Marketing program and Business Transfer Pathway. Here are more facts about what exactly what happened that day.

On Wednesday January 29th 50 SCTCC business students traveled to the Crossroads Shopping Center only to see High School students frantically running around. The High School students were getting ready to compete in multiple DECA Business Event competitions. The college students helped with the events by being a judge, managing events, and assisting people on where they need to go. The experience of assisting and coaching the High School DECA competition was very memorable and engaging. For example, some of us judged the sales event and was excited to see how the students will do. There was a wide range of products that students brought to their sales presentation. From iPhones to Yeti cups to Pampered chief products, there was a wide variety. There even was a student who presented a dog leash and brought a life-sized stuffed dog! As judges we had to score every student on how well they did their presentation. The High school students who had a passing score then go to state competitions and from there they can advance to nationals. Most of them gave amazing presentations and will advance. SCTCC students really enjoyed hearing the different approaches the students gave when they presented their sales presentations.

The final decision from the panel of judges was to let the high school DECA students go. No students were convicted that day and everyone had a good time perfecting their business skills. The result of the High School DECA arson case was resolved when everyone cooled down and enjoyed their time celebrating their DECA accomplishments at award ceremonies at their local schools.

High School DECA expressed their appreciation for the help from SCTCC’s business students. Collegiate DECA Advisor Becky Shand and Business instructor Mark Buchanan coordinated efforts with surrounding High School DECA Advisors in St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids and have done so for over 20 years. A win for all DECA students!


Matt Klinkhammer