SCTCC Continues Nursing Collaboration with SCSU

February 26, 2018

In a partnership that’s lasted ten-plus years, SCTCC practical nursing (LPN) students hosted SCSU’s registered nursing (RN) students for two days of simulation labs.

The labs give students the opportunity to better understand their roles and their scope of practice within real-world scenarios. 

To be a great LPN, students need to understand how to work effectively with RNs.  Similarly, RNs need to practice patient care that involves delegating and collaborating with LPNs, in addition to providing direct patient care.

Each simulation involves a different patient care scenario.  Some students work on high fidelity adult or infant mannequins, and other students work on a fellow classmate playing the role of patient. 

The scenarios are meant to simulate patient care in a rural hospital.  When the instructor says “go,” students don’t waste a second and the classroom starts buzzing with action.  The patients need care, and the LPNs and RNs work together to provide care in rapid succession. 

According to SCTCC Nursing Instructor, Terri Larison, students consider the RN / LPN simulation to be a great learning experience and one they’d like to do more of.   

“The labs enhance student learning by reinforcing teamwork, collaboration, and scope of practice in their profession,” says Larison. 

After more than ten years, SCSU still hosts SCTCC nursing students for simulations every fall, and SCTCC hosts SCSU students every spring.  “This is a great partnership,” says Larison. 

Matt Klinkhammer
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