SCTCC Spring Break Extended Through March 29

Spring at SCTCC
March 16, 2020

The Minnesota State System Office, under the direction of Chancellor Malhotra, has extended Spring Break through March 27th. This means that all classes, including online classes, are canceled through March 27th and will resume Monday, March 30th. The extra time is provided to all your instructors and college staff to transition your classes and the support services we provide to alternative delivery methods (that reflect the guidance provided by the CDC related to social distancing).  

We recognize that students are eager to continue classes and we are all frustrated and disappointed these changes (while unavoidable) are creating challenges for you. These steps are meant to ensure our community’s safety, health and wellbeing. SCTCC is working hard to minimize any disruption to your academic progress. Currently, there are no plans to extend the Spring semester beyond the original end date of May 20th. 

Transition to Alternative Course Delivery 

The suspension of all classes beginning today, Monday, March 16, through Friday, March 27, includes online classes.  

  • During that time, your instructors will work to create plans for alternative delivery methods for instruction. 
  • Courses will resume on Monday, March 30th in the new format and continue in that format at least until the end of the Spring term.  
  • Beginning March 30th, courses might be modified in several ways including, but not limited to: 
    • The course moves entirely online without requiring students to be online at specific times (asynchronous online) 
    • The course moves online, but requires students to be online at a specific time using a platform such as Zoom (synchronous online) 
    • If none of the above are possible, the course will be modified to achieve social distancing. For example, you may spend less time on campus and/or your class sizes may be reduced.  

 As your instructors finalize their plans, they will communicate with you about all class changes. Please continue to monitor your SCTCC e-mail. 

Clinical Experiences 

Students will be allowed to continue their clinical hours at off-campus sites as long as those sites allow them to attend. We know that many programs have minimum hours and/or competency-based assessments for these experiences. Instructors are working to gather information from licensing boards and accreditation organizations to understand the impacts on students. Instructors will communicate directly with students about these experiences. 

Student Communication from Instructors 

During the week of March 16th, students can expect instructors in each of their classes to contact them to ensure communication functions are working and intended messages are being received. By Wednesday, March 18th, students can expect to receive communication from their instructors letting them know what the alternative delivery method will be for each class.   

Campus Offices, Library, and the Commons 

For the remainder of the semester, all campus offices and operations will remain open, with the exception of the Library, which is closed through March 27th.  We will continue to communicate how these services might be modified to protect the health and safety of the entire SCTCC community. The Commons cafeteria and Common Grounds coffee shop are currently closed. We do not have a date for when they are scheduled to reopen, but students should expect them to be closed for the remainder of the Spring semester. 

Remote Instruction Support for Students 

We will send a separate e-mail with resources to support your learning in alternate delivery formats. In particular, we will provide information for accessing Brightspace D2L, Zoom, and other online learning tools as well as share information for accessing computers and the internet. 


A final decision about COVID-19's impact on graduation has not been made. We are monitoring the situation and will notify students as soon as we have more information. 


We will continue to communicate with the entire SCTCC community. Efforts are being coordinated through the College Pandemic Response Team. Please do the following:

We will continue to communicate new information as we receive it. Know that both your safety and your academic success are our highest priorities. 

Kate Wallace
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