6 Reasons to go to Commencement

Cool grad
May 7, 2019
  1. You worked hard. Time to celebrate that!

  2. Do it for your family. They are proud of you and want to see you cross the stage

  3. The hat, the gown, the tassel. They might look goofy, but they make you feel important!

  4. Your support crew – your friends – your peeps. You’ve been with them through so many classes, labs, internships, and this is the ultimate party to celebrate.

  5. Get your tweet/insta post up on the big screen! #sctccgrad

  6. It’s exciting and a great way to wrap up your time at SCTCC.

Make sure to Apply for Graduation! Even if you have missed the graduation deadline to get your name in the program, you can still participate at Commencement, and you should! It's a fun time. See you there!

Kate Wallace
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