Architectural Construction student designs house for Habitat for Humanity

Architectural Construction
May 11, 2017

For one first-year Architectural Construction Technology student, experience in the field is what helped him make a difference.

Patrick Michael’s residential blueprint for Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity (CMHFH) was chosen from 15 designs submitted by the first-year Architectural Construction class, and construction on the build is underway.

Fellow student Ross Potts brought the idea of working with CMHFH to instructor Jed Johnson earlier this year, and after a follow-up, it turned out they needed a house design.

First-year students were given specific requirements and then allowed free rein on the design of the home. Patrick’s simplicity of design is what made his stand out from the others when it came to CMHFH’s needs.

And that’s pretty good for a student who came into the program with no computer background.

“Coming from someone who had zero computer background…,” he says with a smile. “I had a good instructor and classmates who helped me along.”

Patrick was able to return the favor to his classmates. His background as a foreman for a contractor means he’s been looking at blueprints for a long time. He decided to change jobs, and the Architectural Construction program was the key.

“The whole thing was a blessing in disguise, honestly. I think it was the right route.”

This week, Patrick, Ross, and other Architectural Construction students were on site to help get construction underway. The 6-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-level home in Sauk Rapids is just getting its footings, but it will start to take a more recognizable shape over the next few weeks.

“For the handful of students to be on site and see how this project works is a huge, huge advantage for them,” said instructor Jed Johnson.

Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity is working on four build and four rehab projects this summer, which will put the number of homes CMHFH has built at 90 since 1988. For information on how to volunteer alongside the Architectural Construction students, visit their website.

Kate Wallace