The Library is Here to Help

Library desks and shelves
August 27, 2021

By Mary Wilkins-Jordan
SCTCC Librarian

The start of the semester always seems so hopeful. You start off with a clean slate, all new classes, ready to make THIS semester the best ever!

Then the second week starts, and wow. Thing seem really hard. By the middle of the semester, everyone is tired.

Fortunately, the library is here to help you!

When most people think of “library” they think of books, and maybe a mean librarian who yelled at them and charged them overdue fines. But now you are at SCTCC! It’s not that at all! We are happy to see you, glad to help you, and our yelling is saved for cheering on our students who are doing great work!

What could you find at the library to help you? We have all kinds of things!

  •  Study rooms: Come check them out with your SCTCC ID, and participate in an online class, do some work with a group from class, or just enjoy some quiet study time
  •  Databases: We have all kinds of databases, filled with all sorts of information. The stuff we have, you can’t find anywhere else! (Literally. It’s all hidden behind the paywall.) But YOU have access to it! 
  • Articles: You need to look up resources to write papers for class, and the library is the place for that. We have everything you need to turn in an easy A paper for any class you are taking! 
  • Borrowing Other Stuff: If you need books or articles that are not in our collection, we have more options for you! We may be able to borrow things from other libraries, and loan them to you. (Yeah – it’s a pretty cool system!) You can read about it here, or check out our YouTube video here
  • YouTube: We have an assortment of videos. But check out our Library Skills videos here. Learn to use the catalog, cite material, or narrow your hypothesis to make your paper shine.
  • Games: We are starting Games Friday every Friday in the library! We will put out a few tabletop games, and you are invited to bring over other games. Bring a friend, or five, and settle in to enjoy yourself for a while. 
  • Twitter: Follow us! We share all kinds of useful info. And kitten pictures. (Gotta have kitten pictures!) @SctccL
  • Lounge: We have a big lounge area, with lots of windows and lots of seating. Enjoy spreading out and doing some work while you enjoy the views outside. 
  • Good seating: Like to sit on a floofy couch? Like to sit at a table? Like to sit at a high top with barstools? We've got that, just for you! Come over and find your favorite spot.

The first time you start looking for resources in our catalog, I won’t lie - it can be kind of a scary experience. But you don’t have to do it alone. We have a librarian, Mary, who is here to help you. Want to come in and talk about your paper and get some help looking for the best stuff? Do it! Want to Zoom and know you are finding just what you need really fast? Let’s make that happen! You do not have to know exactly what you need. You do not need to know how to work the upper levels of the catalog. You do not even need to have a big question, or a good one.  If you come over – in person or in a Zoom session – and ask me, I’ll tell you the weirdest question I’ve had so far in a library. Yours won’t be weirder – but give it a try!

There are a lot of great resources for you at SCTCC. We are all here to help you to be successful. If you aren't sure where to start, drop by the library or send me an email and let's talk. We will work to be sure you have what you need to be successful in class!

Kate Wallace
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