Bad Habit Brewing Owners Share Insights with Business and Marketing Students

Bad Habit Brewing Presenting in Business Class
October 17, 2018

Would you rather learn the principles of marketing from a textbook or from successful entrepreneurs and marketers? If you chose the latter, you would’ve liked instructor Mark Buchanan’s Principles of Marketing class today.

The owners of Bad Habit Brewing shared the story of their rise to success with students who will be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs, marketers, and business professionals. 

For this audience, Bad Habit’s insights were right on point.

The three owners discussed everything from the inception of Bad Habit Brewing to how they’ve made decisions on growing the business. Students were given a behind-the-scenes look at the initial branding and design processes that contribute to Bad Habit’s success.   

“Our branding and our marketing is what sells,” said Aaron, Owner and Chief at Bad Habit. 

Morgan, Bad Habit’s lead marketer, walked students through brand design iterations and outlined the process for creating and establishing the brand’s strong identity.

As a modest size brewery, Bad Habit doesn’t buy expensive billboards or spend on traditional advertising. Instead, their focus on social media, brand visual appeal, and video content has fueled their rapid growth. 

“It’s great having business owners like the guys from Bad Habit come in and speak with students,” said Business Management Instructor, Mark Buchanan.  “That way, students can ask questions and learn from the real-world experiences of successful entrepreneurs and marketers.”

“I am always hesitant to bring in topics such as this, however, the professionalism of the guys from Bad Habit made it a real success and a wonderful learning experience."

Matt Klinkhammer
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