DVDs in the Library!

DVDs in the library
November 12, 2021

This isn’t actually news – we’ve had DVDs in our collection for years. But we are working on moving around some of our collection and making things more accessible and easier for everyone to see. 

So, now our DVDs are living out on the main floor, near the computer lab! 

Come on over and check out the collection! Literally: check it out! Take some home with you! You can take home DVDs for seven days. (Then they get lonely and they want to come home. You know how it is.) 

We have a wide variety of titles – some documentaries, some fictional stories, and more. A lot of our movies are based on books. You can try checking out a book and a DVD, and see how they compare! 


Here are a few of our selections:

Do you have books, movies, documentaries, articles, or anything else you are looking for? Stop by the library to talk with the librarian, or email me at Mary Jordan at mary.wilkins-jordan@sctcc.edu.

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