Paramedicine FAQs

Can I apply directly to the Paramedicine program?

Students MUST be a Current Student (applied and accepted to SCTCC).

Can I apply to the program without all of the pre-requisites complete?

Students can apply with pre-requisites in-progress, MUST be complete prior to the start of the program. Priority will be given to students with all pre-requisites complete at the time of application.

Can I re-take a pre-requisite course to improve my GPA?

Each pre-requisite course may be re-taken 1 time. Please check with an advisor before re-taking classes. Students may not receive Financial Aid for the re-take course.

When does the Paramedicine program start?

The Paramedicine program is a 5-semester program that begins each Fall Semester.

How many students are accepted?

18 students are accepted each fall semester.

Can I attend Part-Time?

The Paramedicine program is a full-time program only.

When can I apply to the program?

The Paramedicine application is open December 1st through April 1st. Application is found at

  • Applications will remain open until program is filled.
  • Qualified applicants received after April 1st will be placed on the alternatelist.

Are any of the Paramedicine program courses offered online?

Once accepted to the program, all courses are held on-campus or at a Clinical site.

Once accepted to the program, what is the schedule like?

  • First Semester: Monday & Wednesday 8am-11am, Tuesday & Thursday 8am-2pm
  • Second Semester: Tuesday & Thursday 9am-2pm Support Services Internship (hours will vary)
  • Third Semester: Paramedicine Skills class Monday 9am-3:30pm OR Thursday 9am-3:30pm ALS Ambulance, Emergency Department and Acute Care Internships (hours will vary)
  • Fourth Semester: Paramedicine Skills Monday 9am –1pm OR Thursday 9am-1pm. Wednesday class from 9am-3pm. ALS Ambulance and Critical Care Internships (hours will vary)
  • Fifth Semester: Paramedicine Skills Monday & Wednesday 9am-3pm Acute Care & Paramedicine Internship (hours will vary)

Is the Paramedicine program accredited?

Accreditations & Credentials

  • CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health EducationPrograms)
  • CoAEMSP (Commission on Accreditation of EMSPrograms)
  • MN Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board(EMSRB)
  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians(NREMT)

St. Cloud Technical & Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.