Program Learner Outcomes

Marketing and Design AAS
1 - Incorporate traditional/fundamental design skills and concepts, including drawing, perspective, color and layout in the creation of visual media.
2 - Develop critical thinking and self-motivated learning abilities to expand professional growth skills.
3 - Work successfully as a team member demonstrating dependability, flexibility, communication and management skills.
4 - Listen, follow, give directions and communicate clearly and professionally in both verbal and written formats.
5 - Manage time appropriately and meet deadlines.
6 - Develop and implement solutions to problems encountered in all phases of the marketing communication and design processes.
7 - Identify the role advertising plays in past, present and future society.
8 - Incorporate cutting edge media skills including digital design concepts, digital stills and video, web, in the creation of digital media.
9 - Produce a portfolio and professional materials and documents, including a print and/or electronic resume and related works.