Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Properly identify safety and sanitation methods and pass the Serv-Safe Certification.
2 - Accurately label and identify culinary equipment. Students will also be able to recall terminology used in the culinary industry.
3 - Apply information to prepare menus, ordering, food costs and menu pricing with minimal outside input.
4 - Creatively apply knowledge and analysis to food preparation (scratch vs. convenience) as related to running a successful food service establishment.
5 - Determine the appropriate food fabrication methods. Students will demonstrate the proper procedure to prepare foods for a variety of circumstances.
6 - Creatively apply knowledge and analysis to integrate concepts for food presentation and garnishing.
7 - Grasps the meaning and comprehends the social etiquette issues as related to the cultural differences associated with the foods being served.
8 - Demonstrate the ability to apply skills to a new situation with minimal supervision while on internship.
9 - Will have a basic understanding of business law, ethics, contracts, financial statements and inventory controls used in the business world.
10 - Demonstrate customer service and communication techniques in a variety of ways.
11 - Will have an understanding of management functions, skills, and roles to prepare them for decision-making and operations in the business environment.
12 - Develop and utilize computer skills (word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentations) to create communications that meet business needs.
13 - Demonstrate ability to effectively manage and make knowledgeable, educated, and informed decisions.