Marketing Sales Management

Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Understand the importance that marketing plays in business strategic development, defining target markets, global aspects, advertising, and public relations.
2 - Communicate effectively for developing positive business relationships with internal and external customers in today’s competitive industries.
3 - Develop and present a sales presentation using the proper steps of the selling process with effective listening techniques.
4 - Become skilled in networking, prospecting, time management, self-leadership, territory management, setting goals, and determining value proposition.
5 - Understand the concepts of strategic, tactical, and operational planning essential in managerial roles.
6 - Develop an understanding of promotional brand campaign development using messaging strategies, media options, and proper measurements.
7 - Interpret profitability and effectiveness of organizations using various business forms, the accounting cycle, financial statement analysis, and merchandise strategies.
8 - Comprehend managing human resource activities for developing and maintaining a qualified diverse workforce that contributes to a business’s effectiveness.
9 - Understand contemporary sales management concepts to identify, recruit and retain an optimal sales force team.
10 - Create a small business plan by researching an industry, target markets, proper promotions, operation strategies, and calculating financials.
11 - Develop a professional portfolio, set goals, manage time and resources, and be prepared to market themselves.
12 - Determine work place goals, personal strengths, and perform skills in the areas of customer service, sales, marketing, promotion and/or management, and communication.