Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Develop and draw (using conventional drafting techniques) preliminary plans and working drawings
2 - Create residential and commercial conceptual and working drawings using AutoCAD and Revit software
3 - Demonstrate an understanding of the methods and procedures used in the construction of residential dwellings
4 - Identify the structural and architectural elements that apply to the construction of light commercial buildings
5 - Establish a systematic procedure for takeoff, and listing of materials for residential and commercial construction
6 - Interpret residential and commercial building plans, including Civil, Architectural, Structural and Mechanical-Electrical elements
7 - Interprets various bidding procedures and finds and disseminates information from commercial project manuals
8 - Identify basic requirements of the International Residential Code, Minnesota Building Code, and ADA Codes
9 - Understand the basic elements of defining customer needs and develop customer service skills
10 - Develop professional demeanor that includes: a resume, adhering to deadlines, technical problem solving and decision making