Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Select materials that are environmentally friendly
2 - Read and interpret schematics, manuals, and blueprints
3 - Develop and draw (using conventional drafting techniques) preliminary plans and working drawings
4 - Create conceptual and working drawings on a computer using AutoCad software
5 - Demonstrate an understanding of the methods and procedures used in the construction of residential dwellings
6 - Identify the structural and architectural elements that apply to the construction of light commercial buildings
7 - Demonstrate an understanding of the thermal-dynamics of building envelopes
8 - Demonstrate skills in using a systematic procedure for takeoff, listing and pricing of materials for residential and commercial construction
9 - Read and interpret residential and commercial building plans, including Civil, Architectural, Structural and Mechanical-Electrical selections
10 - Interprets various bidding procedures and finds and disseminates information from commercial project manuals
11 - Demonstrates an understanding of the principles of residential floor plan and exterior design
12 - Uses principles of design that apply to multi-family and light commercial construction
13 - Identifies basic requirements of the IRC, Minnesota Building Code, and ADA Codes
14 - Select appropriate technology and procedures to complete assigned task
15 - Respect the diversity of individuals to promote cooperative teamwork
16 - Demonstrate an ability to communicate and understand both written and oral directions
17 - Demonstrate an ability to schedule plan, and manage time effectively
18 - Apply critical thinking and decision-making processes to technical problem solving
19 - Participate as an integral member of a team
20 - Effectively communicate with co-workers and supervisors
21 - Maintain professional behavior by being punctual and meeting project deadlines
22 - Demonstrate computer literacy through the use of word processing, spreadsheet, CAD and industry specific software
23 - Understands the basic elements of defining customer needs, establishing customer rapport and concluding the sales process
24 - Demonstrates the ability to develop a professional resume and participate in a job interview