Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Identify and journalize economic transactions.
2 - Prepare and interpret financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
3 - Utilize computerized accounting based information systems related to financial accounting, auditing, tax and payroll.
4 - Apply basic business math concepts and calculations.
5 - Determine fair presentation of financial statements by applying audit techniques and report their findings.
6 - Evaluate legal issues within a business setting.
7 - Interpret general business concepts, business formation, management and economics.
8 - Analyze federal and state income tax law in order to properly file annual personal, federal partnership and corporate tax returns.
9 - Apply financial and managerial accounting functions in a manufacturing environment.
10 - Calculate, record and report payroll and related payroll taxes.
11 - Apply all accounting functions in governmental or non-profit environment.
12 - Exhibit a broad knowledge based in the field of accounting, business, and income tax in order to achieve certification within the state of Minnesota.
13 - Student should be fully prepared to meet the accounting employment needs of the St. Cloud and surrounding areas.
14 - Exhibit social consciousness through awareness, volunteerism, and community involvement.
15 - Demonstrate ethical behavior within the field of accounting.
16 - Communicate financial information effectively.
17 - Understand the importance of internal controls within an accounting system, identify possible weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement.