Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Apply accounting concepts, principles, and practices.
2 - Demonstrate good personal financial management.
3 - Make consumer credit decisions by evaluating the applicant's credit bureau report and applying the C's of credit.
4 - Understand how laws affect general business transactions including transactions involving creditors, debtors, and depositors.
5 - Make commercial credit decisions by conducting a financial statement ratio analysis to determine the applicant's current financial condition and trend.
6 - Use computer based word-processing and spreadsheet applications.
7 - Understand how a market economy lets supply and demand automatically redirect societies scarce resources for optimum satisfaction within society.
8 - Understand the role of money, the banking system, and the federal reserve relative to the level of economic activity (inflation/recession).
9 - Plan Marketing strategies.
10 - Understand the objectives of depositors, borrowers, and lenders and how their needs are met through the lending process.
11 - Negotiate the collection of past due debts.
12 - Meet the expectations of industry as determined by the program's advisory board.