Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Apply appropriate principles of financial concepts as it relates to personal entrepreneurship.
2 - Identify business and personal goals for the improvement of self and professional enterprise.
3 - Implement principles of business planning concepts to own business.
4 - Utilize new and emerging technologies in a variety of aspects within the profession.
5 - Demonstrate effective decision-making skills in ways to improve or maintain entrepreneurship.
6 - Apply principles of global and civic responsibility to a variety of business decisions.
7 - Practice safety procedures as applicable to his/her farm business.
8 - Exhibit professional characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes within the scope of production agriculture.
9 - Use appropriate technologies to facilitate effective communication as it relates to farming operations.
10 - Use effective oral and written communication skills in a variety of business-related activities.
11 - Complete assigned tasks and duties within the legal and ethical parameters expected within production agriculture.