Program Learner Outcomes

1 - Model ability to communicate independently and as part of a team.
2 - Evaluate and/or judge a safe work environment. Assess personal safety protection equipment, and categorize hazards in the workplace.
3 - Manage assets and resources effectively in the work environment.
4 - Apply critical thinking, decision making, reasoning, scientific methods and problem solving skills to all aspects of water and wastewater treatment
5 - Value and support personal qualities desired in the water and wastewater industry.
6 - Prepare and evaluate reading, mathematical, computer, research, listening, and writing skills commensurate with industry standards.
7 - Select and apply technology for operation of workplace systems to integrate and optimize occupational technical skills in the water and wastewater industry.
8 - Evaluate and rate industry regulations and standards including OSHA Safety regulations, Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Water Act, Land Application of Biosolids, and regulatory reports. Includes the ability to acquire, interpret and apply information from regulatory agencies.
9 - Conduct procedural sampling and analysis plans for treatment plant process control.
10 - Assess the condition of mechanical equipment. Select and apply the type(s) of repair and/or maintenance to perform on equipment