SCTCC Dental Clinic - Fall 2020

We're looking forward to serving our Dental Clinic patients this Fall Semester 2020!

Please take a look at the precautions we're taking to make sure this is a safe, healthy experience for everyone.

COVID-19 Appointment Screening Steps

  • Phone screening when making the initial dental appointment
  • Re-screened via phone when confirming their dental appointment, 1-3 days prior
  • Day of dental appointment: Health Screening and temperature taken

SCTCC Precautions for your Health and Safety

  • Dental reception area has limited seating for physical distancing.
  • Hallway area next to dental clinic has chairs spaced for physical distancing.
  • Reception desk is enclosed with glass and plexi-glass around the reception desk area. Patients will be given COVID-19 disclosure paperwork prior to dental appointment.
  • All paper, magazines, and pamphlets have been removed from dental reception room.
  • Entrance into and exit from the dental clinic will be clearly marked on clinic doors to limit one-way traffic. Limiting numbers in dental clinic with students/patients and faculty to 25 people max

Precautions Taken by Students and Instructors

  • Students in clinic will wear full PPE: Eye protection, level 3 masks, full face shields, scrubs and disposable over-garments, hair coverings and gloves, clinic shoes (per CDC guidelines for dental healthcare workers)
  • Ultrasonic instrumentation equipment (aerosol producing) will NOT be used during clinic sessions.
  • Students will disinfect their clinic shoes prior to leaving their clinic unit.
  • Clinic shoes will stay in locker-room and only be used when in the Health Bldg.
  • Students will change out of scrubs / hair coverings prior to leaving campus and transport contaminated clothing in red biohazard bags and laundered at home.
  • Students will have designated donning and doffing areas in the dental clinic/bio lab areas.
  • Student locker room on 2nd floor dental will be limited to 4 occupants at a time for physical distancing. Garbage cans with foot controls and covers will be used for PPE disposal in clinic/bio lab areas.
  • Students will remain in their clinic unit with their patients at all times during appointment. Clinic area and radiology hallway will be separated by plastic curtain.
  • Air/Water combination will not be used when working on patients. Limited use of air to dry off teeth and surfaces. Box clipboards will be used in the clean zone at each dental unit for papers/forms/router slips.
  • Dental faculty, staff and students will have daily temperature checks prior to entering dental clinic and lab