Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

From November 2019 through May 2021 (with a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic) the Strategic Planning Committee collaborated to develop a five-year Strategic Plan. Strategic planning included creating a mission, vision, values, student experience statement, strategies, objectives, and action plans. The process was guided by Campus Works, Inc., three appointed tri-chairs, and a Strategic Planning Committee representing a wide cross section of SCTCC employees. Together with input from students, staff, and the community we serve, we are now ready for SCTCC Next.

Implementation of the plan is currently ongoing and includes strategy and action teams working to create SCTCC’s vision.

Strategic Planning Events

All employees were invited to contribute their opinions on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the college. Emerging themes are being used to inform the selection of Future Summit presentation topics as well as what 3-4 strategies the College will focus on in the strategic plan.

Students and community members were invited to participate in focus groups to share opportunities, goals, and visions for the future of SCTCC.

The Strategic Planning Committee and the Presidential Cabinet gather to review, and possibly create updates to SCTCC’s mission.

This signature strategic planning event will include a keynote address focusing on our top priorities followed by Ed-Talks, short, inspiring speeches. Workshops and conversations focused on moving our strategic plan forward will follow.

A professional development workshop focused on anti-racism. Tragic Investment: How Race Sabotages Communities and Jeopardizes America’s Future – And What We Can Do About It by Author, James Addington is the focus.

All college employees are invited to take part in a workshop to build on the work done at the first Values Workshop on February 14, discussing institutional values that will guide the campus in working to achieve the priorities identified in the next strategic plan.

During these workshops, committee members will synthesize all of the information and data collected during the process and begin to draft the 3-4 priorities that SCTCC will focus on in the next strategic plan.

All employees will be invited to complete a survey to provide feedback on the drafts of the mission and vision statements, institutional values, and 3-4 strategies for the new strategic plan. Results will be shared with the Strategic Planning Committee and Cabinet for their review and consideration before finalizing these key components of the strategic plan.

At these workshops, the Strategic Planning Committee and college leaders will develop 3-6 measurable objectives for each strategic direction. Draft objectives will be presented to the Cabinet for final approval and once approved, the Strategic Planning Committee and college leaders will develop 12-month action plans to support each objective.

At these workshops, the Strategic Planning Committee and college leaders will develop 12-month action plans to achieve each measurable objective. Action plans will be finalized and approved by the Cabinet and will include assigned leads for each action.

Strategic Planning Tri-Chairs

Bretta Edwards

Bretta Edwards, Staff Tri-Chair

Wendy Knapek

Wendy Knapek, Staff Tri-Chair

Financial Aid

Caitlin Skellet

Caitlin Hickcox, MSCF Union appointed faculty Tri-Chair

Strategic Plan 2025

Creating a Shared Future Together

Strategic Planning Updates

Strategic Planning Updates 11.7.2019

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Strategic Planning Updates 11.25.2019