Courses - Dental Hygiene

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
DEHY1400Dental Hygiene Seminar I2
DEHY1402Dental Hygiene Seminar II2
DEHY1404Clinical Seminar III2
DEHY1406Clinical Seminar IV2
DEHY1410Introduction to Dental Materials and Methods2
DEHY1414Nutrition and Dental Hygiene2
DEHY1418Introduction to Radiology2
DEHY1421Dental Hygiene Materials and Methods1
DEHY1422Dental Pharmacology2
DEHY1424Head, Neck and Dental Anatomy3
DEHY1428General & Oral Pathology3
DEHY1440Community Dental Health I2
DEHY1445Community Dental Health II1
DEHY1448Dental Hygiene Radiology II2
DEHY1460Periodontics I2
DEHY1464Periodontics II1
DEHY1468Pain Management2
DEHY1480Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene I3
DEHY1485Clinical Dental Hygiene II4
DEHY1486Clinical Dental Hygiene III6
DEHY1488Clinical Dental Hygiene IV6
DEHY1490Dental Hygiene Licensure and Jurisprudence1