Courses - Electrical Construction Technology

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ELEC1502Wiring and Materials I5
ELEC1506Wiring and Materials II5
ELEC1510National Electrical Code I2
ELEC1515National Electrical Code II3
ELEC1518Applied Electrical Principles & Formulas5
ELEC1523Drafting Blueprint Reading and Specification4
ELEC1526Applied Electrical Principles & A.C. Fund.5
ELEC1530Electric Heat2
ELEC1534Safety, Certifications and Skills3
ELEC1538Industry Skills Development1
ELEC2502Residential Wiring I2
ELEC2506Residential Wiring II2
ELEC2510National Electrical Code III2
ELEC2514National Electrical Code IV2
ELEC2519Commercial Wiring3
ELEC2520Commercial Lighting2
ELEC2522AC Motor Control I3
ELEC2526A.C. Motor Control II4
ELEC2532Solid State & PLC Controls3
ELEC2534Industrial Systems3
ELEC2538Transformers, Three Phase Systems, and Formulas3
ELEC2540Low Voltage Systems1