Courses - Health, Phys Education, Recreation

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
HPER1305Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco2
HPER1310Life Wellness2
HPER1311Applied Nutrition2
HPER1315Sports Related First Aid and CPR/AED2
HPER1320Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries2
HPER1325Psychology of Sports and Coaching3
HPER1330Coaching Methods3
HPER1335Football Coaching Theory and Skills Improvement2
HPER1340Volleyball Coaching Theory and Skills2
HPER1345Basketball Coaching Theory and Skills Improvement2
HPER1350Self Defense I1
HPER1355Baseball Coaching Theory and Skills Improvement2
HPER1360Weight Training and Conditioning1
HPER1365Softball Coaching Theory and Skills Improvement2
HPER1370Intercollegiate Baseball I1
HPER1373Intercollegiate Baseball II1
HPER1375Intercollegiate Women's Basketball I1
HPER1378Intercollegiate Women's Basketball II1
HPER1380Intercollegiate Men's Basketball I1
HPER1383Intercollegiate Men's Basketball II1
HPER1385Intercollegiate Softball I1
HPER1388Intercollegiate Softball II1
HPER1390Intercollegiate Volleyball I1
HPER1393Intercollegiate Volleyball II1