Courses - Mathematics

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MATH0406Foundations for College Mathematics2
MATH0410Math Literacy6
MATH0420Pathway to College Mathematics4
MATH0431Bridge to Mathematical Reasoning3
MATH0441Bridge to Elements of Math I3
MATH0475Principles of Intermediate Algebra4
MATH0485Principles of Intermediate Algebra Accelerated3
MATH0495Foundation of Statistics3
MATH1300College Algebra3
MATH1321College Trigonometry3
MATH1331Applications of Mathematical Reasoning3
MATH1341Elements of Math I4
MATH1345Elements of Math II4
MATH1351Introductory Statistics4
MATH2311Calculus I5
MATH2321Calculus II5
MATH2330Calculus III; Multivariable Calculus5
MATH2340Differential Equations5
MATH2350Differential Equations with Linear Algebra4