Now you can find out how your finished classes apply to a new major, right in your DARS report!

Just login to eServices, click on Academic Records, then Degree Audit Portal.

1. Click on "Click here to access Degree Audit Self-Service"

2. Log in to uAchieve Self-Service with your StarID and password

3. The first time you log in, you'll see the screen below. Click "Request Audit."

4. Click "Run Declared Programs" to run an audit of your current major and a Minnesota Transfer Curriculum audit.

5. To see your "What-if" audit, go to the "Audits" tab, click on "Request New"

6. Click on "Select a Different Program"

7. From the drop-downs, select the program and catalog year.

8. Once you make your selections, click on "Run Different Program"

9. The "What-if" audit should automatically display

Download a PDF of Student Tips.