Water Environment Technologies - Faculty

Gregg Kropp
Water Environment Technologies Instructor

(320) 308-5952

Gregg Kropp, Water Environment Technologies Instructor I am the newest instructor of the program, hired summer 2017. Prior to this, I have been employed for 18.5 years in the water and wastewater (WW) fields: in the private sector in Industrial WW; in the public sector for both cities (municipalities) and public utilities; and tribal (i.e. sovereign nation)/non-tribal collaboration.

I have a bachelor of science degree in Biology (Aquatic Biology emphasis) from St. Cloud State and an associate's degree in WET from SCTCC. I also possess an MN Class A Water Operator's Certificate and an MN Class A Wastewater Operator's Certificate. I am one of approximately 25 people in the state who have both A licenses.

Spring 2021 Courses:
Automated Control Systems, Understanding the EPA Part 503 Biosolids Rule, Wastewater Laboratory Procedures, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations I, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations II, Water Treatment Plant Operation II

Summer 2021 Courses:
Collection and Disinfection Systems Operation, Strategic Planning for Success

Fall 2021 Courses:
Basic Laboratory Skills, Introduction to Water/Wastewater Technology, Source Water Treatment and Development, Understanding OSHA Safety Regulations in the Water, Water / Wastewater Treatment Calculations, Water Distribution Systems, Water Plant Operation I