Water Environment Technologies - Faculty

Gregg Kropp
Water Environment Technologies Instructor

(320) 308-5952

Gregg Kropp, Water Environment Technologies Instructor I am the newest instructor of the program, hired summer 2017. Prior to this, I have been employed for 18.5 years in the water and wastewater (WW) fields: in the private sector in Industrial WW; in the public sector for both cities (municipalities) and public utilities; and tribal (i.e. sovereign nation)/non-tribal collaboration.

I have a bachelor of science degree in Biology (Aquatic Biology emphasis) from St. Cloud State and an associate's degree in WET from SCTCC. I also possess an MN Class A Water Operator's Certificate and an MN Class A Wastewater Operator's Certificate. I am one of approximately 25 people in the state who have both A licenses.

Fall 2020 Courses:
Basic Laboratory Skills, Introduction to Water/Wastewater Technology, Source Water Treatment and Development, Understanding OSHA Safety Regulations in the Water, Water / Wastewater Treatment Calculations, Water Distribution Systems, Water Plant Operation I

Spring 2021 Courses:
Automated Control Systems, Understanding the EPA Part 503 Biosolids Rule, Wastewater Laboratory Procedures, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations I, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations II, Water Treatment Plant Operation II