Technology every day = importance in Programming

November 20, 2018

When was the last time you went a day without interacting with technology?

All the computers, mobile phones, machinery, even your car if it’s newer have computer technology in them. And who helps create and maintain the software that drives the computers?


Instructor Joe Silman would argue that the programming field is getting the point of being almost as important as the medical field. Considering that those in medical fields rely a lot on computerized methods, he may be onto something.

The majority of Computer Programming students at SCTCC come into the program with no experience but leave with a wide variety of programming languages so they can become a generalist.

Many graduates go on to jobs as database administrators, data analysts, or mobile app developers, or they take their knowledge to the next level with further education in specific programming languages.

The required internship turns out to be a great stepping stone to a career. Generally, students do an internship between their third and fourth semesters, but some do the internship after their second. Last year, five students were sent to an internship at a local company after their second semester, and three got job offers after that internship, even though they had another two semesters of school to finish.

It goes to show that not only is programming getting more and more important in this digital age, but programmers are in demand.

Kate Wallace