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Business, IT and Education

Accounting Diploma (61 Credits)
Accounting AAS (70 Credits)
Accounting Clerk Diploma (30 Credits)
Data Analytics Technician Certificate (16 Credits)
Computer Programming AAS (60 Credits)
Culinary Arts AAS (66 Credits)
Culinary Arts Diploma (38 Credits)
Early Childhood Education Certificate (18 Credits)
Special Education Transfer Pathway (60 Credits)
Elementary Education Fd Transfer Pathway (60 Credits)
Early Childhood Education AAS (60 Credits)
Early Childhood Education DIP (34 Credits)
Adv Farm Business Management Certificate (30 Credits)
Farm Business Management Diploma (60 Credits)
Finance AAS (60 Credits)
Finance Diploma (54 Credits)
Cyber Security AAS (60 Credits)
PC Specialist Diploma (32 Credits)
Network Administration AAS (60 Credits)
Marketing and Design AAS (64 Credits)
Marketing and Design Diploma (34 Credits)
Marketing Sales Management AAS (60 Credits)
Marketing Sales Management Diploma (51 Credits)
Marketing Sales Management AssociaDIP (31 Credits)

Construction Technology

Architectural Construction Tech. AAS (61 Credits)
Architectural Construction Tech. Diploma (52 Credits)
Carpentry Diploma (33 Credits)
Electrical Construction Technology AAS (81 Credits)
Electrical Construction Technology DIP (72 Credits)
Heating AC Refrigeration Residential DIP (35 Credits)
Heating AC Refrigeration Commercial AAS (72 Credits)
Heating AC Refrigeration Commercial DIP (66 Credits)
Land Surveying/Civil Engineering AAS (70 Credits)
Land Surveying/Civil Engineering Diploma (63 Credits)
Plumbing, Shop Management AAS (60 Credits)
Plumbing Diploma (37 Credits)
Water Environment Technologies AAS (62 Credits)
Water Environment Technologies Diploma (50 Credits)

Health Sciences

Biomedical Equipment Technician AAS (60 Credits)
Cardiovascular Technology AAS (60 Credits)
Dental Assistant AAS (60 Credits)
Dental Assistant Diploma (53 Credits)
Dental Hygiene AAS (80 Credits)
Medical Coding Diploma (44 Credits)
Health Information Technology AAS (64 Credits)
Health Sciences Broad Field AS (60 Credits)
Nursing - LPN to ADN Mobility AS (64 Credits)
Paramedicine AAS (64 Credits)
Practical Nursing-Part-time Diploma (40 Credits)
Practical Nursing Diploma (40 Credits)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography-Generalist (64 Credits)
Surgical Technology AAS (60 Credits)

Liberal Arts and Transfer Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences AA (60 Credits)
Biology Transfer Pathway AS (60 Credits)
Coaching Certificate (15 Credits)
Environmental Science AS (60 Credits)
Mathematics Transfer Pathway AA (60 Credits)
Psychology Transfer Pathway AA (60 Credits)
Spanish Transfer Pathway AA (60 Credits)
Theatre Transfer Pathway AFA (60 Credits)

Manufacturing Technology

CNC and Advanced Machining Diploma (54 Credits)
CNC and Advanced Machining AAS (60 Credits)
Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Tech. (18 Credits)
CADD Operator Cert. (30 Credits)
Computer-Aided Mechanical Design AAS (68 Credits)
Computer-Aided Mechanical Design Diploma (59 Credits)
Robotics and Automation Technology AAS (60 Credits)
Energy Technical Specialist-Nuclear AAS (74 Credits)
Mechatronics Certificate (30 Credits)
Mechatronics AAS (60 Credits)
Energy Technical Specialist AAS (60 Credits)
Instrumentation & Process Control AAS (60 Credits)
Welding/Fabrication Diploma (37 Credits)

Transportation Technology

Non-Structural Auto Body Certificate (25 Credits)
Refinish Assistant Certificate (13 Credits)
Auto Body Collision Technician AAS (67 Credits)
Auto Body Collision Technician Diploma (52 Credits)
Automotive Service Technician AAS (72 Credits)
Automotive Service Technician Diploma (67 Credits)
Medium/Heavy Truck Technician AAS (72 Credits)
Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Diploma (63 Credits)
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Spotlight on SCTCC Programs

SCTCC works with area employers and industry leaders to provide programs that offer job opportunities that are in-demand and offer the most career potential to students.

Randy Schunk
Third Place SkillsUSA
Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Moving ambulance skills
The back of the ambulance is a lot different from sitting stationary. Going 30 miles per hour down the road and turning while putting an IV in, or any set of skills, makes it a little more difficult. It brings the real world into our learning.
Circle Art