Business Transfer Pathway AS (60 Credits)

Business Transfer Pathway - REQUIRED COURSES
ACCT1215 Principles of Accounting I 4 Credits
ACCT2229 Managerial Accounting 4 Credits
BUSM2275 Legal Environment of Business 3 Credits
CPTR1210 Introduction to Computers 3 Credits
SAMG1215 Principles of Management 3 Credits
SAMG1200 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits
General Education Courses
ENGL1302 Analytical Writing 4 Credits
MnTC Goal Area 1 Oral Communication 3 Credits
MATH1300 College Algebra 3 Credits
MATH1351 Introductory Statistics 4 Credits
ECON2320 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 Credits
ECON2330 Introduction to Microeconomics 3 Credits
MnTC Goal Area 6 Humanties and Fine Arts 3 Credits
MnTC Goal Area 7 Human Diversity 3 Credits
MnTC Goal Area 9 Ethical and Civic Responsibility 3 Credits
MnTC Elective Any Goal Area 1-10 3 Credits
Technical Electives - Choose 8 credits
8 credits of Technical Electives from any combination of courses listed below or from one elective area are required.
Sales & Management Elective Options
SAMG1206 Strategic Customer Service 3 Credits
SAMG1211 Professional Sales Fundamentals 3 Credits
SAMG1221 Branding and Promotion 3 Credits
SAMG1251 Financial Strategies for Business 3 Credits
SAMG2245 Marketing Strategies 3 Credits
SAMG2255 Professional Sales Strategies 3 Credits
SAMG2270 Managing Human Resources 3 Credits
SAMG2280 Sales Force Management 3 Credits
SAMG2285 Entrepreneurship 3 Credits
MKAD2275 Social Media Marketing 3 Credits
Finance Elective Options
FNCR1220 Principles of Banking 3 Credits
FNCR1250 Credit Law 3 Credits
FNCR1260 Principles of Risk Management 3 Credits
FNCR2245 Consumer Lending 3 Credits
Accounting Elective Options
ACCT1216 Principles of Accounting II 4 Credits
ACCT1217 Cost Accounting 4 Credits
ACCT1219 Spreadsheets 2 Credits
ACCT1220 Payroll Accounting 2 Credits
ACCT1225 Quickbooks 3 Credits
ACCT2225 Computerized Accounting Projects 3 Credits
ACCT2226 Intermediate Accounting I 4 Credits
ACCT2230 Income Tax I 4 Credits
ACCT2231 Income Tax II 2 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $1979.00

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.