Elementary Education Fd Transfer Pathway (60 Credits)

Suggested Technical Studies Semester I
EDUC1200 Introduction to Education 3 Credits
EDUC1215 Technology Strategies for Educators 2 Credits
EDUC1225 Education Internship I 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester II
EDUC1210 Mulicultural Education 3 Credits
EDUC1220 Child Growth and Development 3 Credits
General Education
ART1300 Art Appreciation 3 Credits
Choose the above course OR the below course
ART1310 2D Design 4 Credits
Choose the above course OR the below course
ART1321 Drawing 4 Credits
BLGY1351 General Biology 4 Credits
CMST2300 Introduction to Public Speaking 3 Credits
CRTK1300 Critical Thinking 3 Credits
ENGL1302 Analtyical Writing 4 Credits
ENGL1340 Introduction to Multicultural Literature 3 Credits
Choose the above course OR the below course
ENGL1345 Gender in Literature 3 Credits
MATH1341 Elements of Math I 4 Credits
MATH1345 Elements of Math II 4 Credits
PHYS1305 Conceptual Physics 4 Credits
MUSC1320 Music in World Culture 3 Credits
SOCI1310 Introduction to Sociology 3 Credits
See faculty advisor for recommended sequencing of General Education courses.
Elective (Any college level course) 2 Credits
EDUC courses contain specific standards required by the Professional Educators Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB). Students must meet all PELSB standards in EDUC courses to earn credit for the class.
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $1575

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.