Network Administration AAS (60 Credits)

Career Opportunities

Employment includes positions in IT Helpdesk, desktop and server assembly and configuration, systems upgrade and repair, user training, and more. The curriculum includes a strong combination of skills, which combined with very attainable certifications, results in excellent job placement potential.

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Suggested Technical Studies Semester I
MSNA1214 Windows Desktop Operating Systems 3 Credits
MSNA1230 Introduction to Networks I 2 Credits
MSNA1235 Introduction to Virtualization 2 Credits
MSNA1240 Hardware Support 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester II
BUSM1290 Job Seeking/Keeping Skills 1 Credits
MSNA1213 MS Server Infrastructure OS 3 Credits
MSNA1245 Software Support 2 Credits
MSNA1255 Introduction to Networks II 2 Credits
MSNA2211 Linux Server 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester III
MSNA1205 Intro to Help Desk 3 Credits
MSNA1225 Cisco Routing & Switching Essentials 3 Credits
MSNA2201 MS Server AD Configuration 3 Credits
MSNA2245 IT Security Fundamentals 2 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester IV
MSNA2215 MSNA Internship 2 Credits
MSNA2226 MSNA Capstone 2 Credits
MSNA2235 Cisco Routing & Switching - Scaling Networks 3 Credits
MSNA2260 MS Server Applications 3 Credits
Technical Electives
Choose from: CMSC1203,1212, 1216 or MKAD1235 3 Credits
General Education
CMST1320 Introduction to Communication Studies 3 Credits
Choose the above course OR the below course
CMST2310 Interpersonal Communication 3 Credits
CMST2302 Small Group Communication 3 Credits
CRTK1300 Introduction to Critical Thinking 3 Credits
MNTC Goal Area 1 Communications-Written 3 Credits
MNTC Goal Area 4 Mathematics and Logic (Excludes MATH1331) 3 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $1750

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.