Marketing Sales Management Diploma (51 Credits)

Career Opportunities

Sales Management Marketing graduates are often employed as department managers, store managers, retail sales associates, hospitality managers, customer service representatives, supervisors, business-to-business salespeople, and entrepreneurs. Graduates work in the areas of marketing, management, or wholesale, industrial and commercial sales.

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Suggested Technical Studies Semester I
BUSM1260 Applied Business Mathematics/Calculators 3 Credits
SAMG1200 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits
SAMG1206 Strategic Customer Service 3 Credits
SAMG1211 Professional Sales Fundamentals 3 Credits
SAMG1236 Professional Development 2 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester II
CPTR1210 Introduction to Computers 3 Credits
SAMG1215 Principles of Management 3 Credits
SAMG1221 Branding and Promotion 3 Credits
SAMG1251 Financial Strategy Fundamentals 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester III
SAMG1241 Internship I 2 Credits
SAMG2255 Professional Sales Strategies 3 Credits
SAMG2270 Managing Human Resources 3 Credits
SAMG2280 Sales Force Management 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester IV
SAMG2245 Marketing Strategies 3 Credits
SAMG2266 Internship II 2 Credits
SAMG2285 Entrepreneurship 3 Credits
General Education
ENGL1308 Stretch Analytical Writing I 3 Credits
DVRS1310 Human Relations for a Diverse Workplace 3 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $800

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.