Dental Hygiene Students Hold Table Clinics

Table Clinic Presentations with toothbrush
April 21, 2022

The second-year Dental Hygiene students were well-received at an event held by the American Dental Hygiene Association on April 8 in St. Cloud.

The students were available at table clinics for about 50 dental professionals, presenting on current topics in dentistry:

  • Effects of CBD and Oral Health
  • Botox in Dentistry
  • Two Minutes Too Much
  • To Polish or Not
  • Diabetes and Oral Health
  • Oral Effects of Vaping

“The dental professionals attending the event were blown away at how well our students researched and delivered current topics in an engaging manner,” said instructor Kami Burgess. “We are so proud of them!”

The organizers of the events were excited to have SCTCC students present in the future and said it was some of the most interactive learning they’d had in years.

Burgess and her team are in the process of turning the presentations into posters that can be displayed at the Health Sciences Building.

Kate Wallace